OPD: Proposal


Short video clips from silent and peaceful islands of Hong Kong will be placed with audio from busy streets and distortions will be made using post effects based on the audio to create free associations and shift the mood of the video.


Being new and international to Hong Kong, one thing I found interesting was the contrast in the ambiance in Hong Kong. From busy and noisy streets from Sham Shui Po to calm Hong Kong Islands. The contrast exists both in audio and visual. I am interested in putting theseĀ audio and visual contrast crossed against each other as free association and let the viewer feel the mood of scenario change based on these cross Medias.

Here is an article that talks about the contrast in Hong Kong that I stumbled upon while researching.


Artwork utilizing audio and visuals.

Ryoji Ikeda, 'test pattern [no.5]', 2013, audio visual installation, Carriageworks. Commissioned and presented by Carriageworks and ISEA 2013 in collaboration with Vivid Sydney. Photo by Zan Wimberley. Image courtesy Carriageworks.



A picture showing the contrast in Hong Kong between rich and poor and the contrast increasing exponentially.


OPD: Proposal

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